Designed to equip intensive care units, neonatology, intermediate care and operating rooms. The equipment is distributed in a horizontal unit that can accommodate outlets for medical gases, power sockets, data and voice sockets and accessories for mounting equipment such as monitors and infusion pumps; it can be configured with various levels of service depending on the area of application. Within the inherent functions of the product, it offers a 330-degree swivel, facilitating the manipulation of the product elements on site.


Functional Characteristics

Easy maintenance

Reduced premature ageing of equipment through easy access for maintenance and easy replacement of parts.

Space optimisation

Improve aseptic room conditions by reducing the number of obstacles and areas required for cleaning.


Improve the functionality of medical areas by taking advantage of vertical spaces and having all connections at hand concentrated.


Coatings that reduce the build-up of fungal and bacterial agents.

Organic design

Minimal overhang design to avoid "hard to clean" areas.


Reduces installation time

Reduction in installation times. Improvement in the visual order of medical areas.

Service configuration


There may be differences between the actual colors and the sample images.

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