Fleex Care

Compact and functional

FLEEX CARE is a fixed system for the support, supply, and organization of all equipment necessary to monitor and treat patients in Critical Care Areas. It facilitates cleaning and optimizes space as a suspended unit, a vital factor in critical care areas. It allows perimeter circulation of the medical staff, even at the patient's bedside for procedures such as endotracheal intubation.

 FLEEX CARE module is manufactured according to the standards established for critical areas, the general structure is built from extruded aluminum profiles, alloy 6063 - T5, adaptable to any height, according to the needs. It allows the installation of outlets for medical gases (any brand). Additionally, it allows the use of the free area left by the product in its lower part, optimizing the functionality of the available space.


FLEEX CARE is designed to equip intensive care units, neonatology, intermediate care and procedure rooms. The equipment is distributed in a horizontal unit that can accommodate medical gas outlets, power outlets, data and voice outlets and accessories for mounting equipment such as monitors and infusion pumps; it can be configured with various service levels depending on the area of application. Within the inherent functions of the product, it offers a 330-degree swivel, facilitating the manipulation of the product elements on site.


Easy Maintenance

Reducing premature ageing of equipment by having easy access for maintenance and easy replacement of parts. Enhances room aseptic conditions by reducing the number of obstacles and areas required for cleaning. Improves the functionality of medical areas by taking advantage of vertical spaces and having all connections at hand concentrated. Coatings materials reduce the accumulation of mycotic and bacterial agents. It is constructed with minimal protrusions to avoid difficult to clean areas.



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