Our company

We are a company dedicated to the design, production and installation of hospital architecture, specialising in medical supply units.


We believe in Colombia, we are part of the country brand.

Quality Policy

TECNO DISEÑO S.A.S., we are a company dedicated to the design, manufacture, sale and installation of medical supply units; we have a team of competent collaborators, we ensure the quality of our products and services; maintaining and increasing the satisfaction of our customers and all interested parties; we are constantly seeking for improvement and effectiveness of the integrated management system through innovation. We have the firm intention to gradually enter new markets.

We ensure the protection and promotion of our employee's good health and their physical, mental and social integrity. In this way we are committed to:

The identification of hazards to control risks, thus preventing injuries and illnesses.

Maintain an environment that favours healthy coexistence, generating cordial relations among our collaborators.

Promote the non-consumption , carrying, distribution or sale of alcohol, tobacco and psychoactive substances that may affect the health of employees.


We are a company dedicated to the design and development, manufacture, sale and installation of medical supply units, aware of the experience that is generated around our products and services, we offer wellness for life.



Concentrate all our efforts to be the most recognized manufacturer of medical supply units in Colombia by the year 2025, continue working to gradually enter the Andean market, always seeking the recognition of our customers as their most reliable option.



History - Timeline

Tecno Diseño was founded on 18 April 2005 by eight Colombian entrepreneurs. Its main purpose is the design, manufacture, marketing, installation and technical service of specialized furniture for the health sector. It was created due to needing of a local supplier for medical supply units that integrates electrical services and medical gases supply in all areas of patient care with a reasonable cost, high level of compliance in delivery times and guaranteed assistance service.

The first product developed and installed was the Floor-Ceiling Column for intensive care, which allowed us to consolidate the first business at the Meta Regional Hospital, Colombia.

Since the beginning of the company and as a differentiating factor among local companies, we developed and implemented the Quality Management System (QMS) under the ISO 9001 standard. This allowed us to obtain our first Quality Certification ISO:9001-2000 on August 17, being the only Colombian company with this distinction.
In the search to position our brand and with the full conviction of the product developed with high-quality standards, we started a strategic alliance with the company "Linde de Colombia", allowing us to expand our national coverage and obtain better negotiation conditions. As a starting point for the negotiation, we began to expand our product portfolio and by this time we had products such as ICU Columns, Horizontal and Vertical Panels and Cielitic Columns for the Surgery area.
In accordance with the necessities of the market, our research, design and development department was created. Then we started to work on exclusive and standardized products.

The first Header Panel was created using the company's exclusive aluminium profiles; this product allowed us to be more efficient in production, reduce manufacturing costs, standardise production and offer a product with better performance.

The Quality Management System (QMS) continued and we obtain our second ISO:9001-2008 Quality Certification.

As a result of market analysis, the Dual Room Vertical Panel is launched. A product that optimizes space in double hospitalization rooms, facilitates the assembly of accessories and has great economic viability for the sector.

The Dual Room product receives recognition in the "Lápiz de Acero" magazine for product design.

First participation at the MEDITECH medical equipment trade fair

Mention in the "Design for All / Colombia" category, awarded by the Ibero-American Design Biennial.

Launch of construction systems for ICU - Surgery.

A four (4) product line (Arms and Column) is launched, ideal for high complexity areas, becoming the ideal solution in Colombia for intensive care units.

As the company quality culture, we obtained our Third Quality Certification ISO:9001-2008, on October 14th we received recognition from "Icontec" for the company's work in favour of national standardisation.

This year sees the consolidation of the largest project we have ever undertaken at the Imbanaco Medical Centre in the city of Cali.
On October 19 we receive the fourth (4) ISO:9001-2008 Quality Certification.
The new HEAD LINE Headboard is launched, a product with a better aesthetic appearance, thicker aluminium profiles and configurable according to the needs of each area of application.

The company's corporate image is changed, resulting in a modern brand, according to the sector and with great international projection.

Work begins on the transition to ISO 9001- 2015.

We ventured into the installation of Medical Gas Networks.

Since June 2019 we are part of the Committee 128 of Electrical Installations (ICONTEC).

In November 2019 we were be certified under the ISO 9001-2015 standard.

In March we started working with the Chamber of Commerce program "PRODUCTIVITY FACTORIES".

In June we obtained the licence for the use of the country brand.

Our clients


On behalf of the "Bienaventuranza IPS" team, we thank each and every one of you for your accompaniment, support and willingness during the construction phase of the infrastructure, you were a fundamental part of the development of the project.

 On Monday 31st August we were authorised by the Health Ministry, this was the first step of the great challenge we have with society. We hope to continue counting on each of you in future projects and thus continue to build new institutions that have a positive impact on the community.

Angela Chacon


A highly technical team, honest, committed and aware of the performance required of their products. World-class product design and manufacture.
Juan Giménez

Project Manager, PLADESAN

Tecno Diseño has been characterized as a company with a high level of product innovation, the needs that are brought to its development are able to bring it to a successful conclusion.
The company has continuously innovated its products and adapted their designs to the current market.
The design area has been characterized by providing commercial support to present the projects and products in innovative ways to our customers, which has an impact on facilitating sales.
Ease of customization to the needs of our clients, and flexibility in delivery times, two points that have characterized Tecno Diseño.
Skilled installers with a good presence in front of our customers.

Juan Esteban Vélez

Applications Engineer, Linde


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