Installation of MSU

Tecno Diseño, as a manufacturer of medical supply units with high-quality standards, has extensive experience in the installation of medical supply furniture in more than 50 clinics and hospitals in the country. We provide technical-commercial support so that its infrastructure and finishes in the medical supply furniture follow their needs and have the support, confidence and quality that the institution and its patients deserve.



Repair and maintenance of MSU

Our team has qualified personnel with a track record and experience of over 10 years. We provide timely and effective corrective and preventive maintenance of medical supply units, guaranteeing their operation and maintaining or improving the infrastructure conditions of your institution.

We provide technical support for bedside panels, columns, and arms of all types with a stock of spare parts and accessories that allow us to provide quick solutions to the needs that arise. We understand that patient comfort and safety come first.



Equipment maintenance.



Our products

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