Total Care

The difference is in the details

TOTAL CARE, by Tecno Diseño, is a piece of configurable hospital furniture that integrates the provision of services with an ergonomic and accessible design that provides comfort to patients and facilitates assistance and maintenance work.

The TOTAL CARE Panel is easy to install, it is mounted vertically by suspending and anchoring itself to the walls fitted for medical applications, strategically placed to reduce obstacles, and allow medical staff to move freely in the room, it reduces visual clutter and facilitates room cleaning.

TOTAL CARE is developed according to the standards established for hospitalization, its structure is mainly made of extruded aluminum profiles with rounded edges, easy to clean, and resistant to disinfectants and chemical products with high levels of hygiene. Finished in electrostatic paint in RAL colors.

It is compact, easy to install, requires little maintenance and service.


TOTAL CARE allows for various configurations of electrical and medical gas outlets, making it an ideal product for use in a variety of critical care settings (Resuscitation, Intensive Care, or Procedure rooms).

TOTAL CARE provides better access to the implements needed for daily patient care. It allows the integration of units for medical use at different heights, facilitating handling by different operators.



TOTAL CARE has monitor support, adjustable in height, inclination, and 180° rotation.


TOTAL CARE is divided into two sections with modules at 45-degree angles facing the patient, with electrical components, gas terminals, life support accessories, monitoring, communication, and data required for each patient. They are configured according to the customer's needs.



There may be differences between the actual colors and the sample images.

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