Vital Axis

Critical caresupport

VITAL AXIS provides flexibility, one of the most important aspects of critical care.

VITAL AXIS gives real value to the critical care patient, its centralised services allow medical staff access to the patient on all four sides of the bed, even in the vital sector around the bedside.

VITAL AXIS allows various configurations and is a vital tool in the wards (Adult Intensive or Intermediate Care / Paediatric / Neonatal, Resuscitation - Trauma, Cardiovascular Unit).


Vital Axis is designed and built according to the client's necessities. It offers a rail-mounted accessory system, which can be positioned at any of the three corners of the column allowing medical staff safe maneuverability and access to their tools.

Equipment can be easily added or removed according to the patient's condition.

VIATL AXIS can be configured with up to 16 double outlets, 7 gas outlets, data and voice output, dim light, switches, nurse call, code blue call, monitor stand, three hooks each, 2 infusion pump stands, baskets and tray.


Optimise space

VITAL AXIS optimises the use of the critical care area, allowing perimeter circulation for medical staff.

Rotates 330º.

VITAL AXIS due to its construction (330 degrees rotation and reduced size), facilitates the patient transfer manoeuvre inside the cubicle.


PHA1 COLUMN , has a monitor support that can be adapted to different heights.



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